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In a digital world I still believe in the importance of crafting a relationship with individuals. Whether that's digitally or in person, if you can connect with someone's emotions then you'll leave a lasting impression on them. 


I pride myself in having a robust work ethic, no task is too small, and no task is too large. I look at every detail of a project and analyze how it can be done smarter and not harder to inform better decision-making. In a fast moving world, efficiency is key to accomplishing tasks with a tight turnaround and budget.

I strive to provide individuals with the best possible experience they can have because if you can infect a positive experience, chances are you will have created a new brand advocate for your company, event, or product. I've helped regional, national, and global brands expand and bolster their customer experience, resulting in repeat digital and physical visitation (sales increases) as well as a higher level of brand loyalty.

Below you will find a brief portfolio of work I have done with regional, national, and global brands. 

Influencer Campaigns

Strategy, planning, and execution of influencer marketing campaigns for various brands garnering upwards of 700 new followers per day, engagement rates over 10%, and a reach of over 12 million:

MARMOT LOGO-1539198837.png

Social Media Management

Strategy, execution, and analysis for the following social media channels resulting in profile growth upwards of 56% year over year:

Social Media



Through my DBA (MSM Exposures) I have provided the following brands with photography which has been showcased on their websites, social media, and within advertisements:


Apparel Design

Apparel design and consultation for the following brands resulting in limited edition t-shirt runs:
Apparel Design

Event Activation -BFGOODRICH Mint 400

Project: Virtual Reality Experience at the BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400 Off-Road Rally Race.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Description: One of the largest off-road rally festivals every year, the Mint 400 attracts the best of the best drivers and their loyal fans. As the title sponsor, BFGoodrich Tires has one of the largest activation spaces for fans to interact with their products, drivers, and staff. 

Role: Train, support, and lead the five-person virtual reality team for the entire event activation as well as event photography.

Outcome: One of the most heavily trafficked booth at the event with the virtual reality experience drawing thousands of visitors in to experience. The experience brought in fans, other national brands, and additional drivers leading to a very happy and pleased customer. 

Event Activations

Event Activation -Empire State Winter Games Torch Relay

Project: Inaugural and Second Annual Empire State Winter Games Torch Relay

Location: New York, NY & Buffalo, NY

Description: The first and second ever Torch Relays for the Empire State Winter Games made an immediate media splash throughout the state of New York that it has become a staple every year since. Routes from New York City and Buffalo wind through the state until they converge in Lake Placid, NY for the Games opening ceremony.

Role: Logistics Manager, PR Manager, and Social Media Photographer

Outcome: A new tradition that unites the state and kicks off the Empire State Winter Games every year. The Torch Relay has bolstered the event's awareness nationally receiving coverage in major press outlets like The New York Times, Washington Post, MSN, Yahoo, and more (estimated reach of 40 million in 2019). Since the inaugural Torch Relay athlete participation has increased each year.

Event Activation - Dream ON - 40th Anniversary of the 1980 Winter Olympics

Project: Dream On - 40th Anniversary of the 1980 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Gala

Location: Lake Placid, NY

Description: The first event of its kind, Dream On celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the 1980 Winter Olympics with the 1980 US Figure Skating team. With both performances from past and current Olympians the gala celebrated Lake Placid's rich Olympic spirit.

Role: Event Production Assistant

Outcome: An event that is still being talked about. Utilizing a platform that incorporated both skating performances and an interview style panel, guests left buzzing about the experience as well as a greater appreciation for the 1980 Olympics Figure Skating Team.

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